Zest for living

Zest is a culinary term for the rind of a citrus fruit, like lemons or oranges, which is often grated into a recipe to release the flavors of the oils that give the fruit its characteristic smell.

Grating zest takes a bit of work, as the skin of the fruit is thin, and only the outer layer has the zesty flavor. But it does not take a lot of zest to give the recipe that nuance–a teaspoon is a lot.

What are you adding to your day to give it some zest? Are you eating fresh fruit? Practicing deep breathing? Taking a walk to clear your mind? Trying a new activity? Practicing a new skill? Speaking to someone who might become a friend?

Are you willing to grate away a bit of the outer crust of your life to spread its flavor? Can you bring in a little flavor from someone else’s perspective to refresh your own outlook on life?

It doesn’t take much to change up a routine, do something a little different, to get out of the rut of the day to day world. A little zest, a little shift in flavor, goes a long way to grease the gears of creativity and raise the vibration to a higher key in the song of life.

Open your mind to adding a dash of something different to add to your zest and smell the fragrance of a new day.

This is the last post of the A to Z Challenge. Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments.


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