Yeah Right? or YES!

A professor English labored on an on about how a double negative actually made a positive, but then he said, “Of course a double-positive never expresses a negative.”

From the back of the classroom came “Yeah. Right.”

Are you negating your positive attitude with skeptical language and lack of belief? If you don’t have an attitude of expectation that your wishes will come true, and you are not acting as if they will come true, they won’t.

Just writing affirmations and chanting and staring at a wall for hours will not do anything to change your life unless you are keeping your mind in a positive, expectant, and allowing vibration. In fact, just appreciating whatever you are seeing that pleases you helps you more than forcing yourself to write more, to chant more, to stare more at the wall.

Because of the nature of time/space, wishes don’t poof immediately into our experience. It takes time for the Universe/Source/God(dess) and Everything to get to us what we are wanting. But we have to align with it, say yes while we are waiting, and take whatever actions we are inspired to do.

Fretting over the wait, being skeptical of the process, focusing on the lack of what we want changes the attraction wave, and what we get is more of what we don’t want. It takes practice to turn the mind continuously toward that which we like and not to pay attention to the other stuff.

Contrast is necessary. Some things you perceive will not be to your liking. These things are necessary to show you what you do want, what you can say “yes” to instead of “yeah right.” ¬†Train your mind to look for what you want, and to savor the time needed for it to manifest in your space.


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