X marks the spot

Whenever you see a map for a mall or a trail or a fire escape, X marks the spot where you are. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t get anywhere else. Of course you have to know where you want to go as well, both physically and metaphorically, to map out a path to get there, or at least to start walking in that direction.

Where are you now? Being here  now, living in this present moment,  breathing in and breathing out, helps  you bring all your resources to bear  on the next step of your journey. If  you are scattered in the past and the future, cringing in fear of what might happen and staggering under perceived shortcomings, you aren’t here now.

Take a moment to assess where you are. What time is it? What do you see before you that pleases you? How’s your heart rate? Stretch and take a deep breath to clear your mind. Now, here is your next stop? What do you intend to do today?

In everything you do, there is an X factor, a variable: you. You decide what do to. You decide where to go. You pick a goal, and you take the steps to reach it. Your level of success depends on you, the most important variable, and the only one you control.

So look at your feet, and see where you are. X marks the spot of the beginning of today’s adventure. Where will you go today?

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2 Responses to X marks the spot

  1. Shannon says:

    Well, I will go to my blue chair and then to bed…ha ha ha…but tomorrow I will endeavor to run 7-8 miles through my beautiful town…that could be an adventure. Visiting via the A to Z Challenge…blessings!