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20 Hours to Charles Twon by Charlotte Henley Babb

20 Hours to Charles Town by Charlotte Henley Babb

I’ve been writing new stories for you, so I’ve not been here on the blog. I’ve gotten some good work done, as I’ve listed below.

The steampunk piece, 20 Hours to Charles Town,  is a finished first draft, waiting on feedback from my beta readers. Elvira, an airship madam, has to deliver all the ambassadors for North America to Charles Town to avoid an international incident after one of them is attacked by one of her women.  If you are into steampunk and would like a preview, in exchange for answering some response questions, email me .  I plan to release this book at AnacroCon in February 2016.

Next I’ve been working on  a sequel to Maven Fairy Godmother, called That Darn Maven, wherein she is transformed into a cat, and must find a way to communicate with the people around her and use her talents to break the spell and return to her human form.  That one is about half finished, but some other stories have been bonking me on the head to be released first.

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb

These stories are based on Peter Pumpkineater, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle being covered by vines, and Jack and the Beanstalk.  I also have three Christmas stories set in Mundane, and a couple of  children’s stories about dragons.  So I’m working away to keep developing these worlds.

And just today, I was talking to Jerrod, one of my favorite barista at the local B&N, I remembered The Pits of Vell, which developed from the outtakes of the now defunct Port Nowhere.  The characters want me to write them, so I’m staying busy with that. If you want to hear from me about once a month, sign up for the newsletter, over there on the right, and get a free short story, “Red Stilettos.” Maven finds herself in Mundane with a client who refuses to make a wish and no way back to Faery.


If you want to see me in person, Come to CONjuration in Atlanta November 13-15. I’ll be on several panels about Harry Potter, including one about Freudian analysis and another about the Steampunk elements in the books and the movies.

I would so love to meet you and chat about your favorite fandom even if it isn’t mine.  😉


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