Who’s Maven? Why a Fairy Godmother?

May years ago I was whining about teaching English in a community college, and I said that I felt like I had a lot of toads that I was supposed to turn into princes and princesses.  I felt like a Fairy Godmother.

Maven & Frog

From an original painting of the book cover to inspire me to finish Maven

I’ve always loved fractured fairy tales, since I also felt like the ugly stepsister, or the chubby brunette sidekick of the gorgeous blonde–if she would even acknowledge my presence…so finding fairy tales for fracturing sounded like a great idea.

I was newly single in those days, so I decided it was finally time to start my writing career and Maven Morrigan was born.  She started off in a computer bulletin board shared story, but she soon morphed into something else, an alter-ego and a way for me to stop telling my life to shrinks and start making story out of it. Most of what happens with Maven is true, except that it didn’t happen in just that way to those people in that order.

So I started writing little scenes, short stories, but they all sounded like chapters, and as my patient friends read them, they laughed in the right places, but they kept asking how Maven became a fairy godmother. So, despite the prevalence of prequels, I wrote the first part of the story first: Maven Fairy Godmother, now available on Amazon and Smashwords where you can read an excerpt.

This blog will be about the parts of the stories that haven’t worked themselves into a book yet, and may not ever. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about wishing, getting wishes granted and in short, being my own fairy godmother.

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