When Your Wand is Not Quite Enough


Even a dandelion needs some help distributing its seeds.

Sometimes even fairy godmothers need professional help.

I’ve made a lot of changes in my life over the last ten years, and in many ways, I’m not the person I was then. Now that I have my home to myself, with no pets,  no spouse and no offspring, I have the opportunity to remake myself and recreate my life.

Despite my affirmations, dowsing and other activities, I find that I need some outside, professional help.

So, I am working with a transformational life coach. She is not like a therapist, but she is helping me decide what I want, and then helping me decide how to get there.

This has been one of the most important decisions of my life. I’ve been in therapy before, and while it helps, there are some things that need hands-on attention, and my helping hands are the ones at the ends of my arms.

But I need to know what to do, not in a sense of “How did I get this way?” but in the sense of “What way do I want to be?” and “How can I make changes that will lead me in that direction?”

My coach is helping me to explore these ideas, and she knows how to ask me a question that makes me think. Her methods always make me feel better at the end of a session, instead of ripping me open and then leaving me oozing at the 50-minute mark.

My coach gets coaching too, so I feel good that what she does is also helpful for her. Coaching works a lot better for me than antidepressants, binge-eating or shopping sprees.  The cost is more reasonable too.

Think about getting a transformational life coach, if you aren’t going in the direction you’d like do. I can recommend a good one.

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