What Does “Prosperity” Mean to You?

Many of the wishes I hear every day are about money, and much of the focus of lack is about money. But what is it you really want? The money itself is only a tool. What would you do if you had the money?

What would prosperity mean to you if your house were paid off, your new car paid off and you had no credit card bills or student loans or other non-utility expenses?

Would you quit working? Find a job you loved? Write the great American Novel? Garden? Build custom Harleys? Walk across the country? Visit parents? Grandchildren? the Zoo? New York City?

What’s stopping you from doing that now? What do you need to do what you want to do?

What if there were away to get what you want regardless of your pocket, wallet, or bank account? I have swapped out for chiropractic care, counseling, use of equipment, and other services.

What are you doing to learn the skills and habits you will need once you have the money? If you won the lottery today, could you start your dream life tomorrow? Are you ready?

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