Welcome Amy to the Blogosphere!

Longtime writer and supporter of the Southeastern Writers Association, AmyM has joined the blogosphere over at http://3questionsandanswers.blogspot.com/  Go by and see what she has to say about current books, movies, songs and other things writerly.

 Ask her a Question or 3 about anything writerly, and keep going back for her interviews with writers, tips on  the writing life, contests,  and news and views from her unique perspective.

This week she shares with us a new internet TV show by a couple of experienced documentary filmmakers called Titlepage  (now there’s an idea!) for and about writers . Featured in the New York Times, the first week will feature Richard Price, Susan Choi and Charles Bock are slated for the first episode. Price’s book Clockers was made into a Spike Lee movie in 1995 with Harvey Keitel and John Turturro and will be released in March. Choi and Bock both have books out in January. Read Amy’s blog for more details.

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