Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor painting has been a challenge for me for many years. Now that I am retired, I can spend time honing my skills and sharing my view of the world.  Although I have painted with acrylics for years, watercolor requires a different approach and discipline.

My favorite subjects are flowers, butterflies, old buildings, rural scenes. Arches rough paper and Daniel Smith paint provide grainy texture as well as intense color. The Primatek “genuine rock” colors are lovely to work with.

Lately, I’ve experimented with strong colors as primaries: Phthalo Blue, Pyrrol Orange transparent, and Quinacridone Gold. While these colors may overpower other pigments, they stand up well to each other.

The image descriptions mention availability for sale.  Smaller images (8×10 inches / 20/25 CM) are $80, while larger (11×14 inches/ 28 x 35 cm) are $160.  Prints are also available starting at $15.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing an original, a print, or a private commission. I ship purchased work in a white standard-frame-size mat with backing board and clear envelope sleeve inside a box. I accept PayPal, and will add shipping and handling costs to the price.