Vocalize to raise Vibration

Vocalizing is giving voice with wordless sounds,a nd it can clear and raise your vibration to a more positive note.

One way of raising energy, especially in a group, is to chant or tone. Vocalizing a sound, like AHHHHHH or AUM opens the airways to pump air through the lungs and into the blood system. In a group, the sound blends into a harmony of voices, making the group cohesive and communal.

Often leaders of spiritual groups will allow the people gathered together to chant or hum or say a syllable to bring them together through sound. This is one of the purposes of hymns in church, but since the culture believes  that only certain people can sing appropriately, many people do not take part in the community by singing.

By yourself, you can open your own energy centers by vocalizing. It’s like singing without a melody or words, but only an open sound vibrating through your body from your inner core. As you breathe deeply to get enough air to sound a tone for more than a few seconds, you bring more oxygen into your body. As you open your mouth and throat to vocalize, you relax them, and you can silence your mind as you concentrate on the sound you are making, allowing it to flow and ebb as you breathe in and sing out.

This toning sound can make you vibrate throughout your body and help you relax and move into a sacred space by leaving the thoughts and actions of the mundane world behind. Being in that kind of space lets you listen for the messages of your inner being and not doing all the talking yourself. It’s not necessary to be loud, but giving yourself permission to vocalize loudly when you’re alone or will not bother others, helps to release stuck energies. Simple humming will do the same if you need to stay quiet and not draw attention to yourself.

Try it to see if you can find our own happy vibe. Let your voice be heard, if only by yourself.

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2 Responses to Vocalize to raise Vibration

  1. Rhia says:

    I’m really enjoying your A to Z Charlotte. The more I read the more I understand why I consider you a friend. We are very kindred on spirit.