Turning Point – New Short-Short

Turning Point by Charlotte Henley Babb

Turning Point by Charlotte Henley Babb

My adventures in self publishing continue.

Turning Point started as a writing exercise during the second year of Writing in Place held at Wofford College in Spartanburg.  The prompt was “a man is sitting at a table.”  The man and his thoughts popped immediately into my mind, and I scribbled away.

This character’s voice is very familiar, as it is close to the model for another of my stories. He provides just a glimpse into his  life, in the real world, a bit of a different style for me. I was happy with it, after a little polishing.

Releasing  it as an ebook for 99c on KDP would be a good practice exercise too.  Getting it in this format was a bit more interesting.

I put the pieces together in Scrivener, which even in the Windows edition has the capability to make ebook files, though the process has quite a few dips and turns. But I kept it simple, editing a Microsoft clip art image as the base for the cover art. I used Photoshop CS5.5 to do the editing, but it could have been done in GIMP or in PowerPoint.  I  made separate “cards” for each of the front matter pieces, and then added the promos for Maven’s Fractured Fairy Tales and Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil.

It took about seven tries through the process to get the ebook formatted correctly. I had some directions, but they might not have been as clear as I would like.  I wanted the format perfect, as well as cleaning up any content errors. But the Scrivener process seems easier than doing the same process in MS Word. I have a couple more stories that, if they don’t get into the anthologies they’ve been submitted to, will be on KDP soon as well.

Buy a copy, and let me know what you think.




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