“Trust” is the word for 2012

I’ve been following the writing of Fiona Robyn, and she chooses a word for the year as a base of her spiritual practice.  My word this year is “trust.”

I’m trusting  the process. After all, the Universe has been trucking along now for at least 4000 years now, and maybe as long as 4,000,000,000 years.  It has its act together.

I am working to be more trustworthy, so that I do not project my own faults onto others. I must know that I can be trusted before I can trust.

I am looking at each situation where I feel a sense of distrust.  Where does the sense of betrayal come from? What do I have to lose? Why am I afraid? What is my evidence?

I am working on being here now, so that I can trust my perceptions of the world instead of  leaping before I look. If my mind, and body, and spirit are all present, then I can know and not guess.

I am learning that things look different from over there, just like riding on the passenger side when you are used to driving.  So if someone does not agree with my view of any situation, it probably looks different from over there, and nobody has to be wrong.  This means that I don’t have to explain to others why they are wrong, and I don’t have to change what I think, unless I want to.  I don’t have to mistrust the other’s motives, and the whole situation is probably not about me anyway.

At the base of it all, changing what I think is what I want to do.  Shifting my thoughts makes me feel better and be more productive at the tasks I have chosen to do.  I remember that I choose every act, that nothing is forced on me.

Trust is the word for the year.  I feel like I am getting ready to step on the invisible bridge to the holy grail. Maybe if I keep my eyes shut, it won’t be so scary.

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