Time to Reassess: Imbolc

Motivation Apathy Distraction

With the new systems in place, I’m moving in the direction of motivation, away from distraction.

Today is Imbolc, popularly celebrated tomorrow as Ground Hog’s day. Today is the cross-quarter day between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Mardi Gras is around the corner, and it seemed like a good day to take stock of how the commitments for this year are coming along.

I have posted a message on my blog every day in January–an accomplishment that is doing me a lot of good. I feel so much better when I get up and write. Being part of a blog challenge has brought the extra reward of having people comment on what I say, and on finding new people to follow and converse with.

I’ve stayed on my eating plan, and I’m beginning to see weight loss and size loss. I’m not sharing numbers, but I’m tracking, and they are going in the right direction. What is more important is that I am clearing out the old triggers that used to send me directly to the cookies and ice cream merely by having one day a week to cheat.

I’m finding that the one eating plan does not seem to do it for me by itself, so I’ve added a few more layers–additional supplements, recorded visualization exercises, and some other mental focus activities to lessen my stress and frustration.

I’m building a system to make my life work better. Some folks would say that I am finally growing up, and for once, that concept does not seem like a loss. I don’t think I’ve lost any of my inner child’s creativity, but maybe I have lost some naivete and the kind of innocence that gets a maiden eaten by a wolf, and not in a good way.

Being a grownup, and being response-able for myself is beginning to feel like empowerment instead of a burden. Who woulda thunk it? Now perhaps I can being to track my progress toward my other, more long-terms goals, like Maven II and III, and some steampunk stories I want to write, and making some vacation plans.

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  1. Being responsible and having fun its definitely where it is at 🙂