Through the Gate and onto the Path

Dragon*Con 2011 was a wonderful experience for me. For the first time, I sat with other authors, (people who have written books that are published) and spoke about what I know as an author. The panel was World Building, and I got to sit next to Janny Wurts,  who is a prolific writer and artist. She even gave me one of her books!  I met Nancy Knight, who is a writer, an agent, and the person who manages the writer’s track at Dragon*Con. She allowed me to be on the panel.  I met Debra Dixon and Deborah Smith of Bell Bridge Books and some of their authors: Kalayna Price, Jean Rabe, Anthony Francis, and Michaela Wendell (only 17 and publishing her first book!).

Being at  a writers conference is a wonderful thing, but being with authors is much better, especially when you are one of them.

When a person is writing the manuscript that may one day be a book, it feels like that is the journey, the climb tot he mountain top where all is revealed. But the writing, the draft, is only the first initiation. What is revealed at the top of the mountain is the great city of publishing below, and the certain knowledge that the journey is just beginning.

I found my guide, my agent, Jeanie Pantelakis of Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency, and she found my publisher,  Muse It Up. So now that I know where the golden scroll lies, the second part of my journey begins: rewrites, marketing, selling, and writing the next book in the series.

The thrill of being with “real” authors gives me the juice to work on making the changes my editor wants, to make my marketing plan, and to get done those many little tasks that are necessary to release Maven Fairy Godmother to the outer world.  Bring it on.

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