The Next Level- New Job

For the first time in seventeen years, I have a J.O.B. The kind that has insurance and paid vacation and a gym and free chiropractic adjustments, not to mention a discount in the bookstore. I posted a reusme on, followed up on every job in the area, and did my best to present well for the interview. Due diligence.

Now some folks are doing their best to escape the JOB, but for some of us, it’s the right thing for right now. Maybe that makes me a loser, but I’m a happy one if so.

It was the next logical step for me, and it all but fell into my lap. Yet, as I look back over the last few months, I can see where I look those first few action steps to have a lap available for such a gift.

First, I went to a few of the local Chamber of Commerce meet & greet sessions, and the one hosted at my present location was the one where I was brave enough to stick my hand out, say my name to people and work at talking to them, despite being a complete stranger. One of the people I talked to that night is now a VP at my school. She recognized me on my first day at work.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on visualizing and feeling my way through what kind of work I wanted to do, at least on the immediate plane. I’ve been working part time and contract and adjunct for so long that I forgot what a real job was like…and how different it is to be an acknowledged member of the team instead of an extra. I worked on being more team-spirited in my old job and easier to get along with. I changed my way of thinking about the work. I started studying online marketing strategies. Now I am part of the online marketing effort.

I finished grad school, which was not a direct line to this job, as the content was pretty completely unrelated, but I finished. I am now working at a graduate level college where the students have a very clear idea of what they want to do and why.

My previous job taught me the skills I needed for this job, and taught me to work alone, with almost no supervision. Now I have supervisors who know what they want, and are willing to work with me and yet allow me some freedom to get the job done.

My work computer has the software I need (Adobe CS 3!) and thank goodness, they haven’t upgraded MS Office yet. Lucky for me, I know the older versions, and really appreciate MS 2003.

But a major part of this adjustment was the changes I had to make in my thought patterns when I found out that I would be leaving my previous job. I used EFT techniques to relieve my anxiety and denial. ( I went to my personal coach and discussed my options and got some good pointers on cover letters, resumes and interviewing.

I finally faced the feelings I had for the old job, one that was a comfortable place where almost everyone I know worked. I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t even going nowhere fast.

There have been a lot of shifts in my perception and thoughts in the last two years, many of them uncomfortable, like being in an ice storm with no power or being stuck in an elevator, just having to wait out whatever was going on. But now the initiation is over, and the new life commenced.

The Universe has a way of nudging before it gets out the 2 x 4. I really appreciate this nudge and the results thereof. I am the new web designer and social networks manager for Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. See you there.

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