Thank you James Brausch aka Diego Norte

This time last year I decided that I needed to join the intern program that was offered at the time (now closed) by James Brausch. I felt that I was treated like pond scum by the Brausch minions, and I was kicked out of the program, but I learned some things that I needed to know.

Today I got some information that lets me know that it was worth it. It gives me hope.

My brother is unemployed, has had drug problems since he came back from Vietnam in 1975, and now at 55, he is too ill to work construction as he has done for the last 30 years–long standing effects of smoking, breathing mildew, concrete dust, asbestos, and using crystal meth and cocaine.  He can’t pass a background check of any kind, and my mom has been supporting him for several years since the last time he got out of prison. He does pickup work for people–fixing and building decks, doing yard work–he is a good carpenter and all-around handyman, but he can’t work 40 hours a week, especially in wet, cold weather. He has no transportation, and must rely on the bus system–not handy for carrying construction tools.

My brother is now able to sell his original songs on his own CDs when he goes downtown to play his guitar in the bus station, and from his website (,  his mySpace page, and he is listed on iTunes (search Mark Henley Heart Songs. I didn’t master the original CD, but I did the artwork for the jewelcase, the website, and the uploading of the product. I even fronted the money (less than $100) to get the CD produced and ready to publish, along with 15 CDs for him to sell. He’s not making even three figures a month, much less five or six,  but he does have the means to make a little money from doing something he loves, singing and playing his guitar.

If I could get my brother online–paying for him to have internet access and a decent computer with a minicam is out of the question at this point –he could do what needs to be done to market his work on his own. That might help him with his unemployability problem. He could make some grocery money at least online.

He might even be able to get some gigs playing the spiritual songs he is beginning to write. If James Brausch can overcome drug addiction and homelessness–I don’t know if he also has a habitual felon rap–then maybe my brother can too. I’m glad I know how to help him.  James Brausch’s business is now going by the name Diego Norte, so you might want to go there and see what he is up to these days. Or you might check out his blog.

Thank you, James.

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