Talk is Cheap

It’s easy to talk about almost any subject and sound like an expert, but it’s much harder to follow your own advice. You know what to do–the trick is to do it.

I’ve had a down week this week, and I’ve found myself backsliding on a number of issues, making poor food  choices, letting myself get frustrated about minor things, and just not staying on my chosen path.

I’ve not even been talking the talk, except in my blog, which is based on the A to Z challenge. The challenge is good for me, as I have been writing every morning, but talk is cheap. If I’m not walking the walk, the talk is a lie.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve neglected some of my affirmations and inspirational reading this past week, and not feeding the mind with good stuff seems to lead to my feeding the body with bad stuff.

Talking the talk is important to walking the walk. I need to keep my mind focused on what I DO want, and not to pay attention to what I don’t want. I know how to shift my attention to the positive side and how to distract myself from the negative. It’s a matter of finding something else to think about–cleaning out a drawer, taking a walk in a park, even falling down a rabbit hole on the internet can take my mind away from the squirrel cage.

Making a list of positive aspects of any situation helps as well, by forcing me to think of what is good, what the parts are that I don’t like and what I can do about it. Most things that frustrate me are not even my problems, but just something that I must deal with. To the extent that I can see that something is not mine to fix, I can go back to that big stack of stuff that is mine to fix.

Talking the talk to myself is important, too. I need to remind myself that I’m doing good work. That I love myself. That everyone else is having challenges to day too, and that being open and flexible about their schedules will benefit us all.

So, today I am talking the talk, and walking the walk. It’s going to be a great day, and I am looking for the joy and delight of living it. I hope you are too.

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