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Bellarosa by Katharina Gerlach

Katharina Gerlach’s Bellarosa “Once upon a time in a world where magic and technology collide with unexpected consequences…” The sixth book in the series Treasures Untold, Katharina Gerlach’s Bellarosa is a new take on Sleeping Beauty from the point of … Continue reading

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Initiation of Housework

Baba Yaga is an interesting witch. While she is definitely dangerous–her fence is made of human bone and skulls, her kitchen cabinets pegged with fingers and toes–she is also fair and plays by her rules. Without the magic doll and the … Continue reading

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Stalking the Wildish Wise Woman

April is about Connecting with the Wild Wise Woman within us. This month I am spending with the books of Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I first read Women who run with the Wolves when I was in my 40s, and it … Continue reading

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Scary Fairy Tales – the not-Disney Versions

Most folk tales were gruesome until they were cleaned up for telling to children. They were cautionary tales, rather than bedtime stories. Here’s a link to some gory details left out by the late Victorians: http://io9.com/5914283/10-creepy-details-glossed-over-by-modern-versions-of-fairy-tales Rumplestiltskin ripped himself in … Continue reading

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Where’s my Rumplestiltskin?

I’m reading Step by Step: By Hand and by Foot, a blog by Melissa West that I found while looking for fairy tale research. She is doing a series of prints with hand coloring based on fairy tales, lovely graphic … Continue reading

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Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters

Christian Jackson has created a series of posters for fairy tales–minimalist designs that abstract the key element of each story. Still, if you don’t know the story, the poster is only a hint of what might be told. See them … Continue reading

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