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Pumpkineater: New release by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb This weekend, Nov. 13-15, 2015, you can get a free copy of Pumpkineater for Kindle right here: http://bit.ly/MavenPump The tales were fun to write, and the thoughts about how Maven mirrors my life (changing the names and locations of course) has been enlightening. … Continue reading

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Women are More than Lady Parts

In Hollywood, nothing is unusual about a woman having surgical procedures, but most of the time, these excisions are kept secret because they are designed to maintain the look of a 20-something starlet.  Then there are women, like Angelina Jolie, … Continue reading

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Delightful Fable of Fairy Godmothers.

Now, for the discerning reader, here is a link to a delightful fable about a fable of fairy godmothers. Continue reading

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What Do Vampires Wish For?

“So what can you do for me, fairy godmother? You can’t kill me, you can’t make me fall in love, and I can see through any glamour you can throw over me.” His eyes gave her the piercing look that was usually followed by his piercing kiss. Continue reading

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Tales of the Motherless Child

When I started doing research for Maven, most of the fairy tales I knew involved girls who were set upon by their stepmothers, girls who had no mothers present. Even Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is separated from her mother, to be … Continue reading

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Good wish or bad witch?

A wicked witch, as opposed to other witches, works magic to have power over others, to force them to do her bidding against their will A good working definition of evil is power over others, making others do what we wants against their will whether by magic or at gunpoint. Continue reading

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Who’s Maven? Why a Fairy Godmother?

I’ve always loved fractured fairy tales and it was time to start my writing career. Maven Morrigan was born on a pre-internet BBS, and just grew from there. Most of what happens with Maven is true, except that it didn’t happen in just that way to those people in that order. Continue reading

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