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Women are More than Lady Parts

In Hollywood, nothing is unusual about a woman having surgical procedures, but most of the time, these excisions are kept secret because they are designed to maintain the look of a 20-something starlet.  Then there are women, like Angelina Jolie, … Continue reading

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Two Steps Back

When we start on a new adventure—changing some aspect of our lives in a conscious way—we often use the metaphor of a path, often one that goes through a deep forest and up a mountain, an image of struggle, loneliness … Continue reading

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AHA! Humbug: How to debug your inner demons.

An inner demon is an inner demand that we act in a certain way. Inner demons are only stories we keep telling ourselves. The more I tell the story, the more it become true, the more the Universe makes it true by bringing it into my experience. Change the story by doing something different. Continue reading

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Mac Arnold and Jonas Sees in Color

Make up your mind to do something different, to change your experience, and your world changes. Continue reading

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It’s 4 am…Where is your Vibration?

I’d rather be asleep, but I am here pecking away rather than half-dreaming about facebook and wordpress connections and figuring them out. What I need today is to find that peaceful place that says, This too shall pass. Continue reading

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