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Think and Say What You Want – ONLY

It hasn’t always been that way, but I am learning. Think about what I want ONLY. Say what I want ONLY. Find those rosy, optimistic glasses and put them over my mental filter. I am more aware every day of the good things that come to me and how lucky I truly am. The more aware I am, the more blessings come my way. Continue reading

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Of Cogs and Feathers: Raising Vibration

I was brainstorming with my daughter (Rachel H White http://rachelhwhiteart.com) about a project for work. I was tired and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the amount of effort it was taking to envision the project, and to keep … Continue reading

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Awareness and Sensitivity

As you begin to shift your vibration in the direction of your dreams, you may become very sensitive to any vibration that does not align with what you want. You gain sensitivity when you begin to work from awareness, when … Continue reading

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