I am learning a lot about the world of chiropractic now that I have my new job. some of my friends have teased me about straight chiropractic as opposed to ???

We use straight to describe many things:

  • hair, not stringy, wavy, curly, kinky, nappy
  • roads, not hilly, curvy, twisty
  • honesty, not crooked, fraudulent, or deceitful
  • sexual orientation, not gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender
  • chemical enhancement, not stoned or high
  • humor, not the funny [wo]man

In Sherman College’s case, Straight Chiropractic means that they teach only the adjustment of subluxations (kinks? twists? waves? crooks?) of the spine, not massage or other touch therapies.

I’m getting my first employee check tomorrow and we’ll see if I am kinky or not.

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