Spiritual Sundae For Your Viewing Pleasure.

I tuned into Marcus Hochstadt’s Sunday TV this morning, to get a nice dose of Tony Robbins talking about being the Why Guy, the one who finds out why people do what they do as a way to help thme do what they want to do. On the same page is Dr. Joe Vitale, Richard St. John, Dr. John Hagelin from The Secret and What the Bleep?!, as well as The Dalai Lama and Napoleon Hill!

If you need heapin’ helpin’ of lovin’ that does not come from the oven, go there now: http://www.hochstadt.com/category/better-than-tv

Instead of filling your mind with stories that activate what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body, each video gives uplifting information to help you become more conscious and aware, present in the present. And the best part is that you can stop them to take notes, back up to hear a part again, and listen over and over until you hear what they are saying. Thanks, Marcus!

What a gift!

Most ofthe videos come from TED.com, which presents short presentationss from experts in every field and is well worth the free signup.

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