Special is Over. Back to Normal.

Map Your Mind is back up to a hefty $25.  I decided that I would keep the price low until I get a few more princess points. 

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 I’m doing a lot of “going  within” to choose a direction for my next effort, and I’d like any suggestions you might have for a solution to a challenge.  It’s always easier to see how to fix someone else’s challenge. 

 Just today I heard myself tell someone else about tracking her time and money for the new eBay business she wants to start. I’ve done a bit of eBaying, but just don’t like it.  She’s a “thrifter” and loves digging through the detritus of Goodwill and the Salvation Army (yuck!!!) before it is distributed to the stores. I hope she has a great time with it, and makes a fortune.

It’s not that I know so much about doing eBay. I only wanted her to think through what she would be doing and see if that was what she wanted. I know that she is very organized and she stresses about things. When I saw the light in her eyes about how she could think about how to make a plan to track time and money, how to decide what kind of return she wanted,  I knew I had said the right thing.  Her smile was the sunshine on this wet, soppy day. 

Sometimes we need someone to tell us that we already know the answers…even if that someone forgets it herself.

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