Sizzling Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, June 20, is the longest day of the year in tthe Northern Hemisphere. In the high latitudes, the sun does not set but circles the horizon. The energy of the year builds up to the Solstice as we make plans and take actions toward the goals we have set.

In European tradition, the Solstice was the middle of summer, rather than the beginning. There was much work to do to keep the crops growing: weeding, tilling, fertilizing. The work of preparation is done, and now the work itself has begun, with the work of preserving the harvest to come later.

While many of us think of summer vacations from school, we may miss the intense energy that is available to us to make our goals happen. Half of the magic is creating the visualization, writing down what we want, and getting the picture clear in our minds. But the other half is doing the work.

What are the actions that you can take today to begin living the life you desire? If you want a garden, but you live in an apartment, perhaps you could get a plant for the window. Perhaps you could volunteer in a community garden or park, or at least visit one.

Rather than focusing on the money that you want, focus on what you want to do with it. I am still deciding what kind of new car I want, but I’m pretty sure it will be painted copper, unless the car makers come out with a purple I like better. I got to drive an HHR when I rented a car in California last week, and I liked it a lot, even though it is much narrower than my minivan. I could turn that baby around in two lanes with one hand! I will be test driving other cars to see what it feels like to drive them.

I have a vision of a cabin high in the mountains with geraniums hanging from the wide shaded porch that faces south. So I have geraniums on my front porch. I stand on my porch and listen to the breeze in the trees and imagine the mountains in the distance.

That summer solstice energy inspires me to write, and I admit, I’ve been very slack about keeping up this blog. But with the summer energy, I want my skills to get growing, so I am working the ground they come from. This post is a result. I am doing the thing that I want to do, which is writing. Writing is easy. Writing is fun. And the summer is the best time to let the words flow.

What are your goals and how can you them a bit more today?

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