Short Fiction Excerpts

Just a Smidgen of Magic 

Excerpts of Just a Smidgen of Magic

Just a Smidgen of Magic by Charlotte Henley Babb

Just a Smidgen of Magic

Five flash fiction stories from the edge of the realm of magic–enchanted moments, realizations, answering the call, and returning.

  • Artifacts: Pay attention to the Mothers when they give you a warning.
  • The Croning: In every woman’s life,  her time will come.
  • Not Even One Wish: No only should you be careful what you wish for, but whom you wish to.
  • Taffy’s Tale: It’s a high price to pay to be fed by the Fae.
  • Zen of Cool: A full moon, a festival, a fiddler, and a fool in the hills of Appalachia

Walking Off Heaven’s Shore  

Excerpts- Walking off Heavens Shore

A ten-piece bucket of Southern-fried flash fiction

Walking of Heaven's Shore by Charlotte Henley Babb

Walking of Heaven’s Shore

  • Walking off Heaven’s Shore:
  • Washed in the flood of knowing
  • Intervention:
    Mothers and daughters–can it ever work?
  • Turning Point:
    Friday morning, a cup of coffee, a decision
  • Pachelbel’s Canyons:  (prose poem)
    Mall Markswoman Maintains Muzak Manifested Mayhem
  • Walk the Dog:
    Who’s holding which end of the leash?
  • The Fire Inside:
    Can he stand the heat?
  • Kitchen Witchery: (poem)
    The art of female bonding across generations
  • Swamp of the Soul:
    You only see the snakes if you look for them.
  • Storm Front:
    Revenge served cold is slippery when wet.
  • The last time I Dated a Serial Killer
    A literate man is hard to find.

Port Nowhere

Did you like the space bar scene in Star Wars part IV? You’ll love Port Nowhere.

Port Nowhere

Port Nowhere

  • Circle of the Beryl: for what would Crila give an arm?
  • Initiation: Will Crila survive the bargain she made?
  • Odd One Out: (a draft): Crila meets a rare Ophidian male.
  • Out of Water: Can Jule get Trillfin off the Rock?
  • Out of the Depths: How many ways can man face death?
  • Surface Tension: Trillfin between the Rock and Nowhere.
  • Plus stories by Elaine Corvidae, Jim Johnson, Gail McAbee Steve Thompson,and Christopher Wilkerson