Seven Factors of Enlightenment

In Buddhism, the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (Palisatta bojjhaṅgā or satta sambojjhaṅgāSkt.sapta bodhyanga) are:

  • Mindfulness (sati) i.e. to remember the Dhamma.
  • Investigation (dhamma vicaya) of the Dhamma.
  • Energy (viriya)
  • Joy or rapture (pīti)
  • Relaxation or tranquility (passaddhi) of both body and mind
  • Concentration (samādhi) a calm, one-pointed state of concentration of mind[
  • Equanimity (upekkha), to be able to face life in all its vicissitudes with calm of mind and tranquility, without disturbance, with dispassion and detachment.
The Enlightenment of the Buddha’s First Disciple # 1

The Enlightenment of the Buddha’s First Disciple # 199

This set of seven enlightenment factors is one of the “Seven Sets” of “Enlightenment-related states” (bodhipakkhiyadhamma).

Not to be confused with The Age of Enlightenment  by Gerhard Rempel

We can call the eighteenth century the age of the enlightenment because it was both a culmination and a new beginning. Fresh currents of thought were wearing down institutionalized traditions. New ideas and new approaches to old institutions were setting the stage for great revolutions to come.

1. autonomy of reason
2. perfectibility and progress
3. confidence in the ability to discover causality
4. principles governing nature, man and society
5. assault on authority
6. cosmopolitan solidarity of enlightened intellectuals
7. disgust with nationalism.
These enlightened philosophes made extravagant claims, but there was more to them than merely negations and disinfectants. It was primarily a French movement because French culture dominated Europe and because their ideas were expressed in the environment of the Parisian salon. Therefore, it was basically a middle-class movement. They, nevertheless labored for man in general, for humanity.

The Seven Virutes of Bushido, the code of the Samurai

Seven virtues of Bushido

Seven virtues of Bushido

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4 Responses to Seven Factors of Enlightenment

  1. Katharine says:

    Interesting comparison. I think we all need standards to live and strive for. My favorite is the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.

  2. stephcalahan says:

    You have shared an interesting comparison. While I am not of the Buddhist faith, I find many comparisons to my own. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m not Buddhist either, but I think that there are many similarities in spiritual paths, even if the expression is different. The Wiccan Rede says, And it harm none, do what you will. That seems very open and permissive, but it does take some thought to what harm might befall someone based on an action you take, especially that any magical action has more effect on the pratcitioner than the subject. .