Running Circles or Running Wild?

horses escaping from a carousel

Running in Circles or Frolicking in the Dark?

I saw this image on facebook today, and it just sparked my imagination. How often I have felt like I was mounted on a wobbly, spinning merry-go-round of frustration and stuckness, with grinding noises and spooky mechanical music of inner criticism.

No matter the sparkly lights, the bump-and-grind, and the brightly painted motifs, the animal is stuck in a never-ending monkey-mind of illusion. I can see where it might be safe to be in the light, where its easy to see what’s going on, and to imagine that things are different than they are. Round and round she goes, and where she stops…

But the freedom, the adventure, is the dark of the moonlight forest, leaping and running with new idea, even though I may not be able to see where I am going.

In the clarity of reality, I never know where I am going–the future is potential, only dark in not being set in stone, unknowable. Even when it feels like I am going around in circles, time is moving along in a linear fashion. Each time around is a new circle, even if the wheel brings me no closer to my goal.

It’s time for me to dance in the moonlight. It’s time for me to take a leap of faith. It’s time for me to get off the merry-go-round and move back onto the…I was going to type “path” but I don’t think there is a path to where I am going–it’s more of an exploration, definitely a journey, perhaps even an escapade. It’s been a long time since I performed an escapade!

According to Amazon, my Kindle niche is unrecognized, too small for statistics. So I’m going where few, if any, have gone before, and that makes it even more of an quest.

I know you are out there, dear readers, and I am putting the words tog ether to attract you, to make you laugh, and to invite you to come with me into the dark forest in the moonlight to discover the feminine divine.

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6 Responses to Running Circles or Running Wild?

  1. I think this is an amazing imagination stirring picture and post!

  2. Jan says:

    That’s a wonderful image! It just captures everything I feel. I don’t do “paths” either – I am on an adventure though! I pinned it too

  3. What an awesome picture! Many of us are jumping off into the unknown, but doing it excitedly, dancing in the moonlight as we go.