Road Trip to Wake Technical College in Raleigh

I’m on  field trip today with others from the C&CE and IT departments of the college where I work. We are visiting Wake Technical College’s video game design program with an eye to adding a similar program.  It will be an all-day driving marathon, but I hope we will get a clear idea of the feasibility of of it.

My VP is very much a visionary, and the rest of us are going along to see how the nuts and bolts work. oF course, Raleigh is in the research triangle–a hotbed of eletronic wizardry, and Spartanburg is….not. But even the longest journey starts somewhere.

I am not a gamer, but I love drawing, computer graphics and animation. I have even taught a bit of BASIC over the years, and I can write (or at least tweak) a bit of php.  I would love to learn enough flash and action script to teach it, at least at a beginning level. When will I have time to do this?

That’s what this blog and the others are about, giving me time to do the things I love like writing and creating art.  It’s such a blast when something works, when I can tweak my wordpress theme or solve a photoshop challenge.  Sometimes the challenges seem to pile up higher than the laundry and the dishes in the sink, but I feel so good when I am able to meet them.

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