Review: The Mall Fairies: Exile

In The Mall Fairies: Exile, Conda V. Douglas explores the efforts of two teens, a fairy named Swoop and a human named Grace, as they scheme to get what they want despite the rules and the adults.

I was impressed by the realism of the fairy society and the downsides of their living in the mall, stealing crumbs from the food court and doll items from other stores–much like the Borrowers, except that most of them can fly. The book hints at their previous history, raising questions to be explored in series.

Like many first-in-the-series novels, this one explores the structure and hierarchy of the fairy world, following  Swoop and her friends as they learn why the rules are in place. Both girls make unfortunate choices, and the repercussions  make their original goals seem childish.

Written for tweens, this is an excellent coming of age story unfolding across the edges of two worlds. It is complex and developed enough for adult readers. I enjoyed reading it.

I received a free copy for review. Conda V. Douglas is also published with Muse It Up.

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