Review: Strange Arrivals by Holly Lisle

Ten Tiny Twisty Tales – Fabulous Fantasy Flash Fiction

Holly Lisle wrote the first two fo these stories as part of an exercise to teach folks like me how to write flash fiction: how to find a story, characters, a conflict and a twist, and write it all in 500 words  Each of these stories is a gem…a fairy, a dragon, an alien, a princess, a possessed ring, a skeleton, a room of one’s own.

Each story is complete in its tiny crystal, and it shows how well-trained Holly’s story building is. If you needed a reason to choose her other products, like the How to Think Sideways class I’m now taking, this would reassure you  she knows whereof she writes. This book is a lot of bangs for one buck. Get yours today.

Yes, I get a nickel if you buy from my link. Literally, a nickel. Thanks! 😉



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