Review: Curses! a F***ed Up Fairy Tale

J. A. Kazimer’s Curses! a F***ed Up Fairy Tale is fun in a Dr. Demento style. This Sam-Spade-meets-Snidely-Whiplash mash-up has more twists than a garter snake on a hot tin roof. It gets more than a little silly at times, but it’s entertaining and clever.

When Princess Cinderella is run over by a pumpkin carriage, everyone thinks it’s an accident except one disenchanted villain who has lost his magic and has the hots for Cinderella’s sister. That princess has a curse of her own to break, and its threads spin through the story, strangling witnesses before they can spill the beans.

The main character RJ’s recent demotion from villain to everyman causes him more than a little grief.  RJ can’t use his usual magic, and can hardly even say a curse word. The twists are clever as RJ does his villainous best to capture the heart of the woman he loves, even after she tries to kill him.

I did get a bit tired of the constant snark, but every fairy tale you can imagine (or at least the old movie version onTV )  is folded, bent, spindled and mutilated by the typical private detective plot, with explosions. It’s available on kindle, but I read the dead-tree edition.

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