Thank you, Whoopdeyoo! for a Sweet Review

A review fromWhoopdeyoo! 😀 :

Oh my, I liked it! I loved fairytales as a kid but what I found out was that I love fractured fairytales even more. Heroines gone kickass, no more damsels in distress. Prince Charmings who are not one-dimensional. Maybe that’s why I freaking love the show Once Upon a Time. You get fractured fairytales every episode. And Charlotte Henley Babb writes fractured fairytales! Sure, this isn’t really a specific fairytale revisioned for my enjoyment but it is about a middle-aged fairy godmother. Well, she wasn’t a fairy godmother at first but she was offered the job. I never knew being a fairy godmother is a job you can get. Hahaha! I love the concept! I’m a generally happy person and so happy endings always have a place in me even though they’re oftentimes cliche and very formulaic. What a job it is to be the one responsible for handing out happy endings and happy everafters? Squee! Of course, it isn’t always rainbows being a fairy godmother because it can be dangerous and it can place you in trouble. But life is all the more fun with that!

So this book is so fun and relatable and just plain good! It’s exciting and a fast read. Perfect for a lazy reading and for deriving happiness from a book. 🙂

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