Review: Amazon Queen by Lori Devoti

This weekend I spent a number of hours reading three new urban fantasy books that I picked up at the new Hub City Bookstore, a great place to find new works because the books are not crowded. One of my purchases was Amazon Queen, ( affiliate link) book two in a series by Lori Devoti. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.

Devoti’s prose is clear, spare and gripping. Her long-lived Amazons share our human space, but keep a low profile, as is typical of urban (or in this case, rural) fantasy. Their struggles to remain unseen by humans is less important than their desire to be separate from their sons, who are no longer killed or left to die as in olden days.  When the sons kidnap an Amazon child, the old ways come face to face with the new era, and changes must be made.

The queen of the Amazon safe house, Zery Kostovska, sees her unquestioning belief in the system that raised her crash around her ears as the tribe she protects comes under attack. The politics of belief and obedience are laid bare in this action adventure, and no one escapes the confrontation that ensues.

This would make a great movie with lots of explosions, blood and car chases.  Feminists and Dianic witches might find this a thoughtful read as well as good entertainment. Birdwatchers probably would not like this book due to some profiling, but I found it engaging and an interesting mystery.

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