Re-Focus Your Wish

Keeping thoughts focused on what you want is a key to being your own fairy godmother. Why is that so hard? Don’t we know what we want?

Of course, but we also know what we don’t want, which often is the situation that we see before our very eyes.  It’s easy to think habitual thoughts that go against what you really want. Instead of  looking in the  mirror and saying, “I love you,” you say “Oh if I could only lose some weight” or “You fat slob!” Worse, you may avoid looking in the mirror at all and just turn away, afraid of what you might see. What kind of message does that send to your body? It says you are too loathsome even to contemplate.

What a load of crap!  You are the best you can be for this moment–you are not finished yet (you aren’t dead, right?) So you have more manifesting to do. Remember that everything you manifest (whether it’s what you prefer or not) expands the Universe. So, manifest what you do want.

Thinking habits are much more important to replace with new “Brain Maps” as described by Sean D’Souza.  To change a thinking habit, say, aloud, “Stop. Cancel.”  Then say your name and speak whatever it is you do want.

Instead of beating yourself up, say “I love you.” Better yet, go to the bathroom right now, look yourself in the eye (all eyes are beautiful) and say, “I’m your fairy godmother and I’m going to make all your wishes come true!”

Will it feel fake? Yes, at first. Then smile at yourself, grin at your laugh wrinkles and say it again. “I love you, (your name), and I’m going to make all your wishes come true.”  The third time is the charm, so say it again, with feeling, and know that it is so.

If you are not aware of Psychotactics by Sean D’Souza, go there now and sign up for his newsletter or RSS feed. (I am not an affiliate, but I am a customer).

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