Pumpkineater: New release by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb

Pumpkineater by Charlotte Henley Babb

This weekend, Nov. 13-15, 2015, you can get a free copy of Pumpkineater for Kindle right here:

The tales were fun to write, and the thoughts about how Maven mirrors my life (changing the names and locations of course) has been enlightening.
I hope others find it funny, and I look forward to any comments.

Three more adventures from Maven Fairy Godmother have her dealing with kudzu, Giants and a very large pumpkin. She brings her usual channel-the-chaos style to deliver the happily ever after her clients desire.

“Kiss of the Kudzu” begins just after the end of Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil. Maven hasn’t recovered from her first week on the job, but she has her hands full with the wishes of a sentient Palace. This does have a couple of spoilers if you haven’t read the novel. She must get help from an unusual source, and that involves owing favors.

In “Beans,” Maven follows her client up the beanstalk to raid the Giants and steal her way out of abject poverty, but the client finds out there are better ways to solve her problems, and Maven deals with a twist on the story that is outside the box.

In the title story, “Pumpkineater,” Maven meets a kept sorceress and must find a way out for both of them or risk being kept forever. Sometimes glamour is just not enough to heal the pain. Then there are those favors to be repaid…

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I’m still working on the sequel to the novel. The working title of the next novel is That Darn Maven, and I’m happy with the threads of stories I’ve knotted together–The Handless Maiden, The Three Bears, and the Water Nixie.  Maven gets a chance to live on the down low and rediscover her powers.

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