Propoganda of Perfection

One of the crippling concepts many of use to keep our wishes far away is that of perfection… a state of completeness that can not be improved. We have an idea that we can do something once, and do it so perfectly that it will never need to be done again.

Wrong. There ain’t no such animal in this dimension.

Abraham, as chanelled by Jerry & Ester Hicks, says, “You never get it wrong, and you never get it done.” At any level, you can check the validity of this idea. Doing SOMETHING towards getting what you want is always better than doing nothing, so a step is a step in the right direction. But everything changes, and what was nearly complete 5 minutes ago may be overkill or inadequate now. Still, you have something to work with, and you can adapt. Change never ceases. Change or die.

As my buddy the IT Guru says, ” A website is not finished until it is taken down.” Finished, perfect… dead.

The phrase comes to mind, “Perfection in Christ” meaning that after we leave the physical and join with the ONE, we will be perfect. Abraham calls that “croaking.” I am not ready to croak just yet.

The trigger for this post is my on-going process with my grad school portfolio, first submitted a year ago, then last August, again in October, and again in February. I’m supposed to get it back Tuesday via FedEx from a third reviewer. The time for being frustrated with this is over. As I told the dean, “it’s just another hoop to jump through.” She thought I was being funny.

But that’s exactly what it is. I am learning something that I need to know–perhaps that academia is not going to give me the key to the door I want to unlock. I wanted my portfolio to be perfect–there ain’t so such animal, and I don’t have the skills att this time to create the multimedia extravaganza that I wanted. It doesn’t matter if the review comittee or some unfortunate grad student of the future is “wowed” by my work. It just is.

I get a better return on investment by writing blogs. Did I get it wrong by going to grad school, incurring $36k of student loans all for a degree I don’t need? No, the things I learned in this process are not reflected in my academic work. It’s a step along the way.

My portfolio will not be perfect, but it will eventually be finished. Graduation parties are somethinglikea wake after all. Maybe then I can tweak it to make some kind of youtube video from it or post my papers with the APA rendered out in an article database, recycled, not embalmed.

That was the path I chose to get to here. It is about the journey, the process and not the destination. The destination is death… perfection.

Live now. Do something about your dreams today. Even if you only draw a picture, write a blog, email a friend, hire a consultant.

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