Wish or Plan?

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

With all the energy and writing about letting the Universe worry about how, I have to think that some planning could be part of a strategy to grant our own wishes.

I know the GIR-R-DONE crowd is all about action, but I think there needs to be a balance. Project managers suggest working backwards from the goal.


20. I have a best-selling novel.

19. I have arranged for radio, newspaper, and blog internviews, even if I have to write them.

18. I have added a promotion word count to my daily schedule–not more than 30 minutes, at least 100 words to one of my social network pages. I have also posted ten comments..

17. I have written to authors of books like mine to ask for back cover blurbs.

16. I have a publisher to publish my novel.

15. I have started social network pages about my novel’s subject matter.

14. I have an agent to sell my novel to a traditional publisher.

13. I have started a blog about my novel’s subject.

12. I have submitted my manuscript to an agent.

11. I have a list of agents who handle the kind of writing I do.

10. I have edited my manuscript.

9. I have amazoned (if you can google, you can amazon!) books like mine and written a list of titles and authors.

8. I have a manuscript written.

7. I have googled literary agents who handle my kind of writing.

6. I have scenes written.

5. I have met my word count today during my writing time.

4. I have set a word count for every day (even 200 only 200 words. I am allowed to write more than that.)

3. I have a plan of scenes (See advancedfictionwriting.com)

2. I have a main character, a conflict, an antagonist, and a setting.

1. I have a desire to write a best-seller novel.


This list took me about 7 minutes to type (I’m a bit slow some days.)

Does it look like a plan to you? It looks like a plan to me.

Do I know how to do all these things today? No, not all of them.

Does it sound like a series of affirmations? I am now able to visualize having done these things since I typed them. They seem more doable than yesterday.

What does your wish look like? What does your plan look like?

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