Pack ‘Em Up – Move ‘Em Out

As noted before, I’ve done a fair amount of moving in my time. I can’t even imagine hiring someone to that for me, although next time, that might be the ticket.

I can pack a car. When my daughter came back home for the last time from college, we put everything that had been in her apartment in my ’82 Previa, except her sofa, which we put in the dumpster. There was only room for her in the passenger seat. That van was packed.

One of the maintenance workers even commented on the process with a knowing smile: “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Last year, my mom, my daughter and I went on vacation, and we put our luggage (3 women for a week!) in my ’10 Kia Soul. It was a bit tight, but we all fit in, along with a laptop and some craft supplies for entertainment. Thank goodness, my daughter is thin!

And now I’ve done packed everything up again, only this time, I had a big ol’ 15-foot moving truck for all my daughter’s things. She has flown the nest, moved to the left coast, and left a big empty spot here.

I was concerned about her driving a truck  most of the way across the continent, towing her Saturn behind, but she’s a grown woman who has a lot more sense than her mom.  She’s the only person her age I know who can drive a manual transmission.

It’s good to know what to take and what to leave behind. And it’s good to know when to leave and how to make plans for doing so, ahead of time.  When it’s time to leave, it’s time to take the responsibility to do it the right way. My daughter is a master of this technique; her mom, not so much. But the only way she can learn how to put too much stuff in too small a space is to do it. It’s my job to give her the space to learn.


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