Pachelbel’s Canyons

Pachelbel’s Canyons

“Mall shooter claims Muzak drove her to Madness. Film at 11.”

Mel-o-dy on mel-o-dy
Drops of water rip-ple-ing
Ech-o-ing through canyons of my brain

My syn-ap-ses crack-ul-ing
With each re-peat taut-en-ing
Each tone tor-tur-ing my frontal lobe

DAH da da da da da da
DAH da da da da da da
DA d-duh da DAH
DA d-duh da DAH

Lose fat the easy way
Quit smoking in one day
Sell your soul to pay
Buy the tape today

Slith-er-ing en-light-en-ment
Sug-gest-tions of sub-con-scious-ness
Never made their way into my mind

Only that in-sid-I-ous
Mel-o-dy that makes me dance
Pulling chains I did not know I had

Pluck-ing harp-si-chord string
Bows scrap-ing cat-gut sing
Syn-the-sizers bring
Bumblebees boring

Buzz-ing in my bon-net now
Unsubdued by keeper smoke
Swarm my mind in search of their new queen

E-rod-ed ego reveals id
armed with chocolate, Pall Malls, Glock
I offer what the TV won’t refuse

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