On Playing Silly Games And Not Giving Up

Jewel Pirates

Just clicking away

What makes for a worthwhile past time? Lately, I’ve been playing a match-3 game on facebook. I’ve reached the end of the second tier (level 45 or so) and have hit a snag…I’m pretty sure you can’t win this level without buying something. What make it interesting is that I’ve come this far without really learning how the game works.

Now it isn’t too much of a problem, in that I only get four lives or so, and therefore, can’t play very long at a time, at least as long as I am stuck at this level, or as long as I refuse to give them any money. So in my many attempts–probably over 100 on this level alone–I’m finally learning some strategy.

Until now, I’ve been playing mindlessly. but this level is much harder than the previous ones, and my just-click-anywhere strategy does not work.

Interesting. When there is nothing at stake, I can fail without self-incrimination. I’m even learning to recognize when I’m not going to win long before I run out of moves.

I have to wonder what else I’m doing mindlessly instead of paying a little attention to what actually works and when, learning some strategy, and making the effort to do well instead of just doing.

I’ve made the effort to write something, anything, on 750words.com as discipline, with complete permission to write crap, braindump or even notes for the current work in progress. It’s amazing to me that the Muse will show up to play when she does not show up to work.

There’s a lesson in that, somewhere.

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