On contrast and attention

I’m listening to a webinar on creating unforgettable content, and the short version of the answer is contrast and incongruity make a message more memorable.  But there can only be so much contrast–everything can’t be memorable.

Contrast can be created in many ways, but one I’ve noticed today is the contrast between bright and neutral colors. Fall colors, for example, show up much brighter on a rainy day than on a sunny day by contrast.

Autumn Crepe Myrtles

Autumn crepe myrtles on a cloudy November day

The gray sameness of clouds and rain provide a background for the brilliance of colors which don’t look all that bright on their own or against the intense blue of a clear autumn sky.   The photo may be somewhat over-saturated–who knows what goes on in the programming of a smart phone camera–but even the brown stones and clay bricks seem bright against the gray sidewalk and overexposed clouds.  The contrast is enhanced by the overall drab of the rain and clouds.

Maybe this is what is called a silver lining.

The law of attraction works on the concept that we can’t launch a rocket of desire unless we perceive a contrast between what we want and what we experience. I know I’m going to look for some change in what has lately seemed a lot of same ‘ol same ‘ol to get my attention focused and create some attention-getting content for myself.

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