Of Cogs and Feathers: Raising Vibration

I was brainstorming with my daughter (Rachel H White http://rachelhwhiteart.com) about a project for work. I was tired and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with the amount of effort it was taking to envision the project, and to keep up with the ideas that were popping up on tangents away from the main goal.

I  whined grumpily that I was tired, and she said something brilliant.

“Why don’t you raise your vibration so we can keep working on this?  Then you can find out what you need to do today., and you’ll feel better.”

At moment, I could only think dark and cloudy thoughts. I didn’t want to do the work anymore, even though I had asked her to help me. I wanted to just give up and escape.

“Think of it this way,” she said. “If your mind was a machine, and there was a piece that was broken or worn out, you could just stop for a minute, take out the bad part and put in a new part.”

I could see it in my mind–a sort of grimy, greasy machine with a lot of gears, and a handle that I was having to push very hard to turn. When I stopped to look at the imaginary machine,  I could see that one piece was missing some cogs. I took it out–it was conveniently located at eye level and not constrained by serpentine belts, bearings or safety covers–and replaced it with a bright, shiny new one, which of course magically appeared in my hand.  It was a new thought.

Even that seemed like a lot of work, just imagining it. But I did feel better, just for thinking about something else for a few seconds.

Then Rachel told me how she could always find that feeling, any time she needed it. She said, “I just imagine flying…soaring around a thermal…” She stretched out her arms. ” or swooping around, not doing anything, no strings, not looking for food or doing anything but enjoying being in the air. ”  She once drew a picture of a happy harpy several years ago, and the image of it came into my mind.

The Happy HarpyBy Rachel H. White

The Happy Harpy By Rachel H. White

Just watching her was uplifting. My grumpiness was not completely gone, but it had lightened enough that I would at least imagine standing on top of a mountain or sitting up in a tree, always a place of peace and calm for me.

I can remember dreaming of flying. I decided that such a daydream would be a good one to cultivate and practice for when I was feeling weighted down.  So I’ve been spending a fem seconds every time I think about it , just imagining soaring in the sky, with the sun on my feathered back and the wind rippling the edges of my pinfeathers.

Try it. Soaring like the eagles beats the heck out of hanging out with the turkeys.

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