Not Necessarily Incorrect

A review with annotations of  F on Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

Sitting at the cafe in Barnes & Noble,  our other living room, I laughed until I was wheezing while reading this book. I’ve enclosed a few screenshots of it because while all the answers are clearly wrong, some of them are not entirely incorrect outside the ivy-covered towers of academe. I loved the hand-written look of the asnwers and the occasional doodles in the margins. Read on for annotations of the politically incorrect kind.

F in Exams: The Very Best is Totally Wrong Test Answers

F in Exams: The Very Best is Totally Wrong Test Answers

“X” is clearly found on the cover. Word play is fun, even if math teachers don’t appreciate it.

Two religions

If you have ever been in South Carolina on Friday night or on the day of the last collegiate regular season game, you know that Football is the primary religion.

The pagan origins of many Easter practices are revealed in the sacrifices of chocolate bunnies. In fact, the only good stuff in Easter baskets is CHOCOLATE!

Why do people go on pilgrimages? Is the reason apparent?

A straight-forward answer (and question)

If you want to know how much TV someone watches, ask him or her.

A partnership does in fact require to people to operate–or drive.

The endowment is only funny if you are not talking about money.

I’m sure the census workers wish this were true…but in the wider scope, the population numbers do go up!

Computer terms

Computer terms gone awry

Systematically transferred disease is a technically accurate term. IT guys do love wordplay, and smiley faces.

I’ve never bought a computer that came with a chair–all stand alone.

I have bought malware in my time.

Forgetting and remembering

Forgetting and remembering

If your moral compass is a bit spotty, leggo your eggo and get out the maple syrup.

While tying someone up may limit the ability to punch someone, it would probably not abate the desire to do so…correct answer.

Jedi mind control is certainly psychodynamic!

The 12 Decibels from F on Exams by Richard Benson

The 12 Decibels – probably a new age punk band

Judging from the divorce rate, limiting oneself to one spouse is monotonous.

God does indeed know what an altar is for.  Now it is clear why he was called Pontius Pilot.


Homeless is true and accurate description on many levels of being a refugee. 🙁

Again, heavy industry does sell tons (of stuff) , migrating is a headache and a fair amount of refuse flows through the Suez Canal.

I hope you found this book as funny as I did. I really needed to laugh, even though the other patrons were giving me those looks. Maybe they wondered what was in my little cardboard girdled cup.

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2 Responses to Not Necessarily Incorrect

  1. Annabell says:

    LOVE!!! This cracked me up!! Thank you for sharing =) “A toaster waffle that wears a cape and fights crime” LOVE IT!