Nitpicking The Portfolio

After a second look from my reviewer, another short list of APA glitches, and a couple more hours of find and replace, my portfolio (revision 4) is ready for official faculty review.  I am glad to see it printed out, all 124 pages of it, and this last revision probably brings it to a place of communicating the level of my academic skills and the content with which we engaged over the last two years. It does not reflect what I have learned. It  is very clear to me that I won’t be pursuing a PhD, at least not in the humanities, and probably not in any other field.

I’ve been eddikated enough.

Despite some financial setbacks, I have decided to go to graduation, if for no other reason than to see my classmates again. We have made noises about keeping in touch and making rendezvous every couple of years, and this step seems like the first one on that post-grad school journey. 

I would like to visit Albuquque, Vancouver, Chicago, St. Croix, Zurich, Virginia, Phoenix, houston, Mexico–can’t remember that city–and they would like Charleston or Asheville. I really should take them to Buffalo, SC, for the barbecue at Midway, a high school football game and cruising at Wal-Mart. The real South.

Anyway, another project is nearly finished, and I am reviewing what is left on the list. It’s time to cut out a number of things, but I’m not yet clear on the number of what particular things. Charlotte Babb Signature

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