– A bright spot in my randomness

I checked into my gmail this morning to see who might have “encircled” me on g+, and found the smiling face of Scott Barnes, editor of

How lucky is that?  So I read a few of the stories there, “Crumbling Butterflies” flash fiction by Joseph Zieja,with a nice illustration by Nathan Wyckoff; “Expiration Dateby Yeoryios Pantazis; and “Cinnamon Sale,” a poem by Johan Jðnsson–all well written and with that deep twist that we all like.

I’m sure I have a tale worth telling to them of one of my adventures. I’ll get busy polishing it up and submit it. They like fantasy, science fiction and mythology, and that is right down my alley. What a great find for a Thursday!

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  1. Joseph Zieja says:

    I’m always surprised to find someone else talking about my fiction on the web. Glad you enjoyed it!