Never let conditions stop you from granting your own wish

If you say you can’t, guess what, you are right.  Outer conditions change all the time, and we are all bombarded with the mass consciousness of “gloom, doom and ka-boom” of the economy, political hype and international unrest.  But here’s an excerpt from Melissa Galt’s blog Prosper by Design, “How to Avoid Failure Every Time . . .

Failure is Her Certainty
In my ever optimistic way of suggesting how she could put herself back out there (sometimes I just don’t learn!), I got another earful. This time she insisted that she would fail. And with those words, I guaranteed her she would. She seemed to be fueled by the the idea that getting back out there would only result in failure and was entirely unwilling to look at anything else. She has decided that unless or until the economy is ready, there is no way she can succeed as an artist or really as anything else! This really bothered me because I realized that you may be thinking the same thing.

Give the rest of the article a read. The wand is in your hand. Get your wish clearly in your mind, and then find out how to make it come true.

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