New Moon Magic

Yesterday was the moon completed a cycle on the sun side of the earth and now is visible again, a slim crescent in the eveining sky at sunset. Tarditionally, the new moon is a good time to make a new beginning. Now, one of my grandfathers planted and did all his activites”by the signs” depending on where the moon was astrologically, and the other didn’t. Both were reasonably successful in growing food for their families.

What is the benefit of keeping track of the cycle of moon?

One, it helps you to be more aware of the natural environment. As you pay attention to the natural world, you become more aware of cycles. You can align your energy with that of the physical world. Women who keep their bedroom dark during the nights when the moon is not visible at night tend to regualte their menstrual cycles–if they don’t stay up late in artificial light. Being aware of the seasons helps you to be grounded and centered, which helps you focus your intent on what you want to do.

Two, it helps you gain clarity and focus. If you go to the trouble of looking up in which sign the moon is, or if it is between signs so that you can pick an opportune moment for your task, you have put much more forethought into it. If you are aware of the zodiac energies, you can better prepare to use them. For example, giving a talk in the light of the moon when the moon is in Gemini, would give you a boost in communication skills, a facet of air energy. But if that same talk must be delivered in a fire sign, say Aries, you may want to plan some calming activities for yourself and your audience, or you may plan to fire them up for action.

Three, even if you are not sure that it makes a difference, you have put some thought into it. My mom had some dental work to be done, so she asked the oral surgeon to do the work on a day when the signs were in the lower part of the body–Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces. He agreed. The surgery went well, even if only because my mother was more confident.

Some people will write a wish on a piece of paper and put it in a special place on the day of the new moon, with the expetation that the wish will be manifested. Today I wrote myself a check as sympathetic magic to receive payment for my writing. I have several gigs in the works, but I wanted to have a physical experience of receiving the check. My new beginning it to bulid a business as a writer. I made the check out for nough to pay off my house, my student loans, my credit cards and a new car. Do I expect to receive it? I am aligning my energy to believe that it could happen. I’ll let you know. I will not be disappointed if it takes me more than a month to overcome the poverty consciousness of fifty years.

What is your new beginning?

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