Mona Lisa in the Sky as Diamonds

Old Moon at Sunrise

Old Moon at Sunrise with the Morning Star

Getting up early in the morning is my way of meeting the inner dark, the creative soil of my soul. I do my meditative writing, and often watch as the sky grows light. Today is the end of the moon cycle, the “old” moon that rises as a crescent before sunrise.

This morning as I glimpsed the old moon and the morning star glowing coy behind the neighborhood trees, I understood why the ancient people wove stories about the stars and planets as people.

The grin of the moon and the sparkle of the star might have been a face, a Mona Lisa in the sky as diamonds.

Maybe an early meeting of near and far, Venus and Moon appearing in person for one hour only as the sky pales from black to turquoise and then sunshine in the eastern sky.

In the dark moon phase, it’s a time to release the old, the worn out, the no longer needed, to make room in our psyche (and our closets!) for the new, the desired, the yet to be manifested.

What can I turn loose of today? What old belief can I change to a more supportive belief?  What bright and morning star can I observe in my inner landscape to light the way to the middle path of the moon and enlightenment?

At the very least, I can observe that the stars are in their courses and all is well in the Universe. Blessed Be!

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