Miss Liberty’s Crown Re-Opened

About ten years ago, I was privileged to visit the Statue of Liberty while accompanying my daughter’s high school drama class on a New York trip.  I can say that experience was one of standing on holy ground, with a deep silence and reverence that ignored the line of people waiting to walk up the stairs and and the others wandering around the grounds.

Looking up from Miss Liberty’s feet, I truly felt the numinous presence beyond the physical. This copper and steel representation of the spirit of freedom is only a physical focus of a much larger idea. The vital energy that flows through the American spirit resonates in this image.

When I read to day in the Reuters article that the Crown area of the Statue was to reopen to visitors on July 4th, unaware that the statue was closed after 9/11, I felt a sense of joy that we can again be in her presence. I have noticed in recent years how many movies have scenes based around this symbol, which indicates to me that we are concerned as a nation, about the underlying values of our country as represented by our symbols.  Flag waving has so often been a cover for questionable activities that I sometimes feel disquiet instead of pride when I see the stars and stripes.

But our goddess prevails, and on our birthday, she will be opened to us again. I hope that we as a nation will be able to get a new perspective from the crown chakra and transpersonal point  of our national goddess.

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